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Cancer can be a scary diagnosis. Kier’s Kidz works to make your journey less stressful by offering all the help we can give.

At Kier’s Kidz, we’ve been where you are – whether you are just diagnosed or you are farther along in your cancer journey. We have the compassion and experience to help you emotionally and logistically. We offer support for patients and families – primarily in NJ, NY and CT.

“Patient and family support” means we’ll help you find answers to questions you may have and find resources you may need. Young adults, adolescents and kids with cancer, and their loved ones, will find empathy and compassion from our team. Many of us have walked in the same footsteps you’re taking now.

From patient and family support to pediatric research, we help kids, teens and young adults battling cancer by:

  • Providing limited financial assistance for cancer patients with verified financial need
  • Locating and helping to coordinate other resources for the family, such as nonprofits, energy cost-reduction services, and medical/pharmaceutical cost reduction services, for the child, adolescent, young adult and their families
  • Coordinating with other nonprofits that offer support services for cancer patients
  • Providing emotional support to cancer patients and their families
  • Providing guidance and support to the patient’s family and caregivers
  • Funding research to find new and better pediatric cancer treatments at the Rutgers Cancer Institute of NJ and at the Childhood Cancer Therapy Development Institute
  • Working as a collaborative member organization with the Coalition Against Childhood Cancer
  • Coordinating with other nonprofits that offer support services for cancer
  • Proposing, helping to develop and teach a trailblazing undergraduate course, “Introduction to Cancer” at Rutgers University
  • Providing an on-going speaker’s series so that our volunteers can learn about pediatric cancer research, treatment, clinical issues and patient and family issues
  • In collaboration with DKMS and our colleagues at Kier’s Kidz at Rutgers, setting up and running bone marrow donor drives
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