Healthcare and Community Partners

We are very proud to work with such a professional, talented and dedicated group of healthcare and community partners. For years, they have worked closely with us and collaborated with each other to help us put an end to childhood cancer!

Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey CINJ

Our ongoing partnership with Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey (CINJ) is focused on finding more effective treatments and cures for rare pediatric cancers. Like rhabdomyosarcoma, the cancer that took Kiersten’s life. We’ve worked closely with Peter Cole, MD, Chief, Division of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology. His passion and dedication to his work is unparalleled in the field of Pediatric Cancer.

CINJ’s Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Program provides access to the full spectrum of therapeutic procedures and advanced treatment options including precision medicine, clinical trials, immunotherapy, and cellular therapies. They provide compassionate, personalized, research-based care for children, adolescents and young adults in a warm and welcoming environment.

Kier’s Kidz has helped to underwrite research with CC-TDI, under the supervision of Dr. Charles Keller, the organization’s founder and chair.​

CC-TDI is embarking upon a bold scientific course of discovery to send more targeted drugs into clinical trials for those childhood cancers that have the most dire outcomes. The process of turning a new scientific discovery into a new treatment is tedious, time-consuming, and rarely generates big profits. Kids wait for cures in hospital beds while potential discoveries lie dormant in scientific journals.

The CC-TDI mission is to change this, and help get life-saving therapies to children faster. Kier’s Kidz is so proud to partner with this ground-breaking organization!

DKMS - Kier's Kidz

DKMS is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to the fight against blood cancer and blood disorders. Partnering with Kier’s Kidz, they are helping us coordinate cancer patient services such as stem cell drives.

DKMS is dedicated to the fight against blood cancers and blood disorders by creating awareness, recruiting bone marrow donors to provide a second chance at life, raising funds to match donor registration costs, and supporting the improvement of blood cancer therapies by our own research.

Coalition Against Childhood Cancer

The Coalition Against Childhood Cancer serves all stakeholders in the pediatric cancer space and strives to unite and amplify the collective efforts of the childhood cancer community.

The primary benefit of Kier’s Kidz partnering with CAC2, is their powerful advocacy for children with cancer. Establishing stronger relationships and increased trust means they can leverage their power to help kids battling cancer. We are proud of our continued partnership.

Business Sponsorships - Kier's Kidz

Business Sponsors

Our Business Sponsors are fundamental to helping us continue supporting children and their families battling childhood cancer. They are supporting a cause they really believe in, and create more online marketing awareness for their business. This support goes a long way to supporting Kier’s mission.

A Kier’s Kidz Annual Business Sponsorship is a great way to POWER UP your online marketing! We will feature your business profile on our website and on our social media accounts. This includes your company logo, business details, contact info and a link to your website.

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