No part of childhood cancer is easy. So let’s keep Kier’s Kidz moving forward with your support!

Families affected by pediatric cancers are struggling every single day. Everything from financial burdens to care logistics and treatment setbacks are conspiring against them. So please engage with us… we need you! If you have questions or comments about Kier’s Kidz, please add them here and we will respond promptly.

We honor our entire NETWORK that supports the Kier’s Kidz Mission of ‘Helping Kids beat Cancer’. This includes our dedicated cancer research partners and our generous donors… people like you!

We’re also grateful for and committed to our College and High School Partners. They have chosen to pursue careers in Pediatric Cancer, and this dedication is helping to create the next generation of scientists and activists — the leading edge of advanced research and cures. With your support, we really can make cancer among children and young adults a thing of the past.

Thank you!

Please be sure to add some details in the comments section below, about your child and the challenges your family is facing.