Kier’s Kidz at Rutgers

Kier’s Kidz, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, helps children and young adults coping with childhood cancer. They also support organizations as they continue their research for improved therapies, and to find a cancer cure.​

Kier’s Kidz at Rutgers University is affiliated with the local nonprofit, Kier’s Kidz, based in Highland Park, NJ. Our mission is to advocate for and financially support children and families battling pediatric cancers. During regular semesters, we hold fundraisers (for example, Top Golf and a Beatles musicologist) and stem cell drives (for example, during Dance Marathon and Honors College Serves Week). We’ve also worked with Embrace Kids to create fun family events for children being treated at nearby hospitals and offered a 1 credit course about pediatric cancer offered through the Honors College.

This semester, our focus will be on creating a speaker series to bring in speakers related to pediatric cancer care. If you are interested in learning firsthand about nonprofits and want to immerse yourself in the advancements of pediatric cancer, we welcome you to join our organization!