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Kier’s Kidz helps children (infancy to 18 years) and young adults (19 to 30 years) with cancer and their families in several ways.

We provide much-needed assistance to patients and their families directly. We also help patients and families by providing gift cards for groceries, gas and transportation. These cards are offered through the pediatric oncology unit of our affiliated hospitals and through direct family requests to Kier’s Kidz. We also help patients and families find alternative financial resources and other resources they may need.

We support pediatric cancer research, through a powerful partnership of public and private donors, and through institutional collaborations. With our help, groundbreaking research and amazing strides in pediatric cancer interventions are being made!

On her way to one of her many treatments for rhabdomyosarcoma in 2006, Kiersten Hickman-Perfetti talked to her mom about a new idea she had. For such a young person, Kier faced her tenuous future with true courage and deep compassion for others. In her own words (video), Kier’s vision included directly helping kids with cancer and their families. She also recognized the need to finance more pediatric cancer research.

It didn’t take long for Kier’s idea to become her and her family’s mission. Kier and her parents created Kier’s Kidz, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, as Kier’s legacy of hope and love for kids and young adults fighting pediatric cancers.

Sadly, Kier lost her battle with cancer, but her spirit lives on through Kier’s Kidz. She would be proud of the generosity of our donors and supporters, and the love, commitment and hard work of the volunteers who make up the Kier’s Kidz Board and Advisory groups.

Our Kier’s Kidz at Rutgers affiliate members, and our groundbreaking High School Advisory Group are made up of young people inspired to help kids and young adults with cancer. Through their experiences with Kier’s Kidz, many want to pursue further education in health-care fields. Several of our past Kier’s Kidz at Rutgers members have entered medical school, many with the goal of becoming pediatric cancer researchers and clinicians.

With crucial help from our donors, supporters and members, Kier’s Kidz has new momentum and motivation. Kier’s Kidz goal is to eliminate childhood cancer, and with your help, we can do it!

About Kier’s Kidz
Healthcare and Community Partners
Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey - Rutgers Health

Our ongoing partnerships with Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey (CINJ), and other leading pediatric cancer organizations, is focused on direct support to families with children and young adults who are bravely fighting pediatric cancer.

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We Support Children Battling Cancer and their Families Who Love & Support Them

Kier’s Kidz is here to help with financial assistance, resource-finding assistance and much more.

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  • We Help Families Find and Coordinate Resources

  • We Provide Families With Gas and Grocery Gift Cards

  • We partner with the amazing students who are part of Kier’s Kidz @ Rutgers University

  • We Help Fund Research, Therapies and Breakthroughs

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Building on Kier’s legacy, our work continues and our commitment never stops!

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  • Helping Families Cope With Childhood Cancer

  • Our Relationships with Research Organizations

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